Flu Vaccination

Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter season against the flu with our flu jab service.


We are an independent NHS Community Pharmacy that’s been serving the people of Hayes in Middlesex for forty-five years from our location at 6 Northfield Parade, UB3 4JA



Welcome to Kasmani Pharmacy, where Mr Kasmani, his family and staff have been proudly serving the Hayes community for over 35 years. To us you and your health matters; so whether its to collect a prescription, buy some medication, after some advice or just want a chat we are here to help.


New Medicine Service

If you are prescribed a New Medicine for a long-term condition, you might be eligible for NMS service.

Disposal Of Unwanted Medicines

If you have unwanted/expired medicines, you can return them to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

Supervised fit to fly antigen test

We offer the supervised antigen test at our Pharmacy with a doctor’s signed fit to fly certificate.

Repeat Dispensing

Repeat dispensing allows prescribers to issue a batch of prescriptions for a medication

NSH Blood Pressure Checks

Ask in store about our Free NHS Blood Pressure checking service to find out if you are eligible for this service.

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